Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Year by year, Madden NFL has been the indicator of one thing: the return of the football season. After a few years of pompous announcements and a lot of publicity about strong changes coming to the series, it seemed that EA Sports did not have much to offer in 2017, as the classic pre-game hype was forgotten. Apparently, it's just the opposite, and this year, Madden NFL arrives with great force.
Madden NFL 17, for the distracted, is an American football game that takes each of the elements of this spectacular sport to deliver that feeling of not only playing in a football league game, but also watching the match On TV with everything and commentators, extravagant presentations and multiple ways of giving you team statistics.

 In addition to the game, and as the Madden franchise has already accustomed us, we will find ways that allow us to make a race or demonstrate what we have learned by creating our own teams.
The gameplay of Madden NFL 17 has little change compared to past years. The adjustments that in previous years have focused on the offensive and defensive aspects have remained. On this occasion, the most notable change is the integration of a more consistent mini-game at the time of the tactic, either in the offensive or defensive.

 During this time, an icon will appear on the player, which you will have to press to avoid being tackled, or to tweak the player - depending on which position you play. There is also a greater emphasis on the movements that runners make such as turning, arm stretching, jumping and so on, but now, by squeezing the left trigger, the player makes a more immediate move which is risky but useful.

One of the biggest changes this year is when kicking, either in clearing or a field goal. Here it seems that there is a return to an old system where you leave aside the movement of the stick that simulated the kick and we move to a power bar where we will have to press A or X - depending on the console - to delimit the force of the shot. Although something simple at the time of making a field goal, during the punts can be made other movements, such as let the ball in the air or give it some effect.

Finally, the other added point for the kicks is given on the defensive side, where now the game opens the possibility of blocking the field goal kicks. That there is freedom does not mean that it is something that can be done constantly, since neither in the real game happens so regularly. Although the game itself seems to indicate that it is something simple, throughout the game time for the review, I could never achieve it. Maybe it will be a question of practice and time.

As for the game modes we have Madden Ultimate Team and Draft Champions, which did not suffer from so many changes, which, the last remains identical to last year. Madden Ultimate Team added some personalization options and perhaps the biggest detail is the change from Style to Chemistry, which will help to get the best chemistry to have the equipment, will increase the attributes. At the end of the day is the same but with a different name.

As for the main mode, the Franchise mode, this time is based on the decision making you can take as a coach, player or owner. No matter what you choose to be, you will have to set yourself a goal for the season, the bigger and riskier it will be, the rewards will be, as well as the consequences of not achieving them. As a coach there are many options and tasks to do related to the team, from exchanges, contract renewals, players and others.

 The customization of the players is also another point that is added, making the smallest changes can be made. When playing, there is also an option that allows you to advance the time of the game to focus on the key moments, where important decisions have a greater weight. This definitely helps you to keep moving forward in the seasons to focus on creating a dynasty of your team. Of course, if you want to continue playing every second of the games, you can keep doing it.

In the visual section we have few changes compared to the version of last year, although it is the details that simulate the transmission that really stands out. During the games you will see how the other games in the league advance, which gives some realism and that in the final weeks can pressure or relieve you as the other teams of your conference go. There are also new video entries and screen elements that give the effect of watching the game on television. This makes it look great, but it makes loading times extremely long. madden nfl hack

Of course, there are still one or another visual bug, such as players who seem to float, or players feel somewhat clumsy, but minimal. Speaking of the presentation, we have two new commentators, Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis, who have a more interesting level when narrating the games. It should be mentioned the comments that Charles Davis are good, refer to certain players and events of past seasons, but after a few games, one finds himself hearing the same comment over and over again, making that joke that sounded so good the first time , Stop being so funny afterwards. It may be too early to complain about the story, as Madden NFL 17 will be updated weekly to deliver new comments, which will surely make the game feel cooler. VEDICTOMeas beyond feeling a version that brings many important changes, Madden NFL 17 feels like the version that finally polishes the details and finds a balance in its offensive and defensive modes. Through its game modes, the title offers different challenges for players to be entertained.

Friends, The Madden Curse. This paranormal event occurs almost annually since 2004 and consists of the player who is chosen to appear on the cover of the football video game ends, no matter the cause, injured in the season in which the game comes to the sale. The victim of this year was Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots.