Tuesday, May 10, 2016


For the fifth consecutive year, students of the René-Cassin College participate in the final race in progress Wednesday. They will present the fruit of nine months of work for two hours per week. If their mini car wins, they could represent the Academy in national finals.
The mini car will be presented on Wednesday in regional finals in Villeneuve d'Ascq.

For several years, the René-Cassin College of Loos-en-Gohelle offers dropout students in an "anti-drop" option. Those who choose to participate in a technology project: the making of a mini-car to participate in the national competition in Race course. "We chose to link this project with the history of art, in collaboration with a French teacher colleague Ms Walkowiak, to add a cultural component, says Francis Blanquart, technology teacher who oversees the project since five years.
Supported by lensois and bruaysiens students

For three quarters, fifteen third of students have therefore worked on the making of the mini-car, in partnership with a school and a bruaysien lensois school and with funding from PERCEVAL and European funds. "We do not have all the proper equipment for the production, the principle of this project is to get help from neighboring schools that are equipped, explains the teacher. In addition, it allows college students to relate with students and learn about possible sectors to which they could move soon, it is also that the goal of the Course project. "

During the school year, students therefore follow this option for two hours a week. In February, they are subjected to a white oral test patent at which they must present the project even if the car is not quite over. "They especially have a slideshow that allows us to see if they are well prepared. "
And in May ... towards the regional finals, which will take place on Wednesday. Several tests are available to college René-Cassin: compliance, speed ... They will also set up a stand on a specific theme. This year, the street art that has been retained by the college loossois. What is seen besides of course the mini-car. "We worked with a professional graffiti artist," says the teacher.

"Every time, we come back with a cup but we never managed to finish first to go into national finals," notes Francis Blanquart. The sector could be represented this year by René Cassin or the neighbors of Jean Zay College in Lens.