Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Electric Rims

During this last year and following my move within a metropolis, I found myself abandoning my love of sports cars, discover a love for cycling, explore future means of transport and ultimately embrace fully the electric.

I must say that my first contact with this type of vehicle was rather difficult: testing a Nissan Leaf car in 2012. A questionable design, eco-hypocrite (name, omnipresent green-washing in cockpit ...), with an engine block before the block diesel unnecessarily complex look intended to reassure skeptical buyers (yes, it's the same ...!). It symbolized pretty much the immobility of the current automotive market, the absence of markable developments.

Only during the last year, I also had the opportunity three times to try the Tesla Model S, the latest P90D with your favorite editor and specialist brand, I appointed Jean- Baptiste. A statutory sedan five meters long with so ridiculous performance it unnecessary to remember them, that which denotes a bit with my initial speech, is not it? And yet ...

How it works ? Simple: just disengaged from the highway access ramp, you pull twice on a stalk located to the left of the steering wheel and do not touch anything. The adaptive controller is responsible for curbing auto car ahead if we are too close, and you can double it by simply switching on your flashing. Management, it is provided by track lines. The car is even able to maneuver in an emergency if another road user do you crass. If you want to regain control, you simply press the button at the end of that dial or slightly move the steering wheel. Simple, I tell you.

Since the beginning of this article, I put a point of honor not to mention the boost control for Tesla models, the quality of the fully electronic steering or the agility of the car despite its elephantine weight of more than two tonnes (... oops, it's now done!) because this is all in my gummed by a paramount thing: comfort.
And comfort, I do not mean the suspension firmness levels or seat capacity to envelop you, but that starts to represent this car (and the brand): the possibility of an album of their choice on Hi-Fi constantly connected to internet system low volume (since there is no din engine cover) and discuss in confidence with the driver during a long drive, reassured by the fact that the electronics third officer in our office eve of the motorway ecosystem.

But do not worry: if Tesla made me realize that driving pleasure on the open road it is just often do not drive, I would continue to enjoy driving in Caterham on circuit, or to Lotus mountainside.

If I have somewhat neglected automotive news, I still diligently follow the adventures of the country Elon Musk historical manufacturers. Surely because it pleases me to see a spoilsport as strongly push the idea of ​​the car "of the future" that promises since it is same. The Autopilot is a brick as another of this strategy, the first step to promote the adoption of autonomous cars among the public. His main interest is to reassure us when we literally put our life into "the hands" of electronics.

Tomorrow I will no longer have to endure everyday driving, to the extent that it is now difficult to derive any pleasure (especially in town).

Tomorrow, I hope to call a car that will only get me, simply because I would possess in a more myself.