Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fiat Tipo

After surfing on the superfluous and fashion aspects of 500, available at will and at high prices, Fiat made a comeback to its original pragmatism. Although it took him because, going to the point, it offers a range of input drive perfectly realistic and pretty darn competitive. But one thing is certain: you'll be hard pressed to win this order there, as supplies will go to more and better-equipped models equipped engine. With leaps and costs by installments of 1 500 euros, Fiat expects an average price of 19,500 euros, while the first prize is displayed at 12,490 euros. We are no longer in the same court, but "the difference with the competition is maintained," says Fiat, which expects a continued competitiveness. To have.

Automotive cocktails have proven effective for, in varying dosages, different results. Fiat, a master in the redistribution of ingredients with Lancia and Alfa Romeo, has further refined his technique since he deals with Chrysler and Jeep. It is therefore a basic Fiat 500X, the largest version of the platform 500, for example uses the Jeep Renegade, which was put to use. Nothing to esbaudir with a classic McPherson in front and a torsion beam at the rear.
The lines are distinguished mainly by a relief grille while the silhouette borrows from everything we can see in this area at this time. Far from being original, the Tipo will be at least boilerplate and rather elegant. First, to draw a classic car trunk, the one beloved by the countries of Central and Southern Europe. It was this version marketed for a few weeks to 12,490 euros, which sows confusion with manual air conditioning, six airbags, electric windows and a radio connected. For a start, it's not so bad.

But in Western Europe, it is the 5-door, the type Peugeot 308 and Volkswagen Golf, which the coast. A good reason to propose a 5-door hatchback Tipo 4.37 m long, obviously at a premium of EUR 1 500 which, as we shall see, is a basic tariff unit. There will also be a wagon version, very successful, which passed the trunk from 440 to 550 liters liberates flat floor of 1.80 m, but Fiat has not been able to give us the extra charge. With a background safe two-position adjustable at will, it could be the best opportunity if Fiat does not show too greedy. We'll know later, when deliveries of sedans that really will occur in September. The engines range from the 95 hp diesel and the 120bhp petrol or diesel and manual gearbox 5 basic reports 6 reports to others, will give way later to an automatic.

Anything amazing on a car that could be likened to the low cost, it is the much more seating proportions of Tipo, without the narrowness of its pseudo-peers. The platform is present and it shows in livability, in three dimensions and in particular to the rear where there is a proper place for the legs and the head does not touch thanks to a socket of the roof. The surprise lies in the foam seats and lateral support, while the lumbar support is not adjustable. However, the steering wheel is in both axes and determines a comfortable driving position, but it was the third level of finish on the 4 available. This means that there are costs 3,000 euros more than the base Tipo Easy to win this release. A supplement that will not shock really, because the presentation is nothing neglected and even published a standard higher than the French trunk that cultivate gender as the Citroen C-Elysee, entered in the catalog to 13 450 euros.

Have the same origin that the Tipo, built in Turkey and abroad presented at the Istanbul Fair, appears much more current. The qualities of plastic, foaming dashboard, equipment, some accessible through four packs charged 500 euros each, have nothing to be ashamed and reported only the console will look really dated. This is an error because it is a UconnectTM system 7 inch HD touch screen usable as a shelf. It will also have a Bluetooth hands-free interface, voice recognition and AUX and USB ports now necessary for life driving. The integrated TomTom navigation 3D is, however, evidence of a perfectible reactivity, but at no time did it feel to have a car at a discount.