Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gps Phone Tracker

Here Maps app maps and GPS navigation developed by Nokia for the web, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, now offers real-time information about traffic in Romania, according to company official site mapping.

Thus, service maps from Nokia joins Google Maps and Waze app, which already provides data traffic in Romania. Unlike Google Maps and Waze, however, Here Maps has the advantage of a huge automobile base using Nokia maps and anonymously send information about speed, route and position. Also, Here Maps uses data collected (also anonymous) Here the users applications freely available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Another advantage it has over other services Here Maps is the ability to download offline maps on mobile devices.

There is probably no secret that with the benefits they bring, the smartphone is "out of pocket spy" who knows what you're doing both online and in everyday life. Known, among other, what places you walk, where you went out on weekends and where you were on vacation.

If you have a smartphone, most likely you're using Google Maps and location services available. The application from Google has a habit of keeping track of the places you walk and makes no secret of it. It is not as if they do it secretly. If you want to see historic places you've been, Google Maps has a dedicated page where you can see the days where you know at a certain time.

But Google is a good guy, and if you're watching, lets you delete the history. On the left column of two links that you can delete your entire history or only records in a given period.

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Moreover, you can disable location monitoring using the settings button in the top right of the page. Once achieved disabling, according to Google Location History will not be saved in your account. But, by omission, we can deduce that this does not mean that Google will not save all information, but they no longer assigned to a specific account. PH0N3TR4C4.C03